Hi! I‘m a JavaScript developer at K.lab Berlin in Germany, currently working on meinUnterricht.de. I recently graduated from the Hasso-Plattner-Institute with a M.Sc. in IT-Systems Engineering.

I use this site as a repository for my university and spare time projects. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or comments on some of the projects.

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Rudeck, F. and Baudisch, P.

Rock-Paper-Fibers is a device that is functionally equivalent to a touchpad, yet that users can reshape so as to best match the interaction at hand. For efficiency, users interact bimanually - one hand reshapes the device and the other hand operates the resulting widget.


Baudisch, P., Becker, T., and Rudeck, F.

Tabletop computers based on diffuse illumination can track fiducial markers placed on the table's surface. Luminos are tangible building blocks that allow to do the same with objects arranged in a three-dimensional structure. In addition to a marker, each block contains a glass fiber bundle to guide light reflected off fiducial markers in the higher levels down to the table surface.

CGA tool chain for UNIX systems

Becker, T., Rudeck, F., and Timm, R.

The Call Graph Analyzer (CGA) is a software visualization tool to give insight into complex, large-scale, existing software systems and their physical composition and relations.

Demand Planning on Microsoft Surface

Tinnefeld, C., Mueller, S., Becker, T. and Rudeck, F.

Geographic visualization of demand planning data stored in a SAP main-memory database on Microsoft Surface.